1912. Four generations ago, Klaas Jonkheer purchased an arid piece of land alongside the Breede River. After starting off with ostriches, he started to plant vines soon after the irrigation canal was completed in 1921. After his death his four sons took over, each with his own part of the orginal farm.

Andrew Jonkheer, the second son, built a small winery on his part of land, called Myrtle Grove. Together with his eldest son, Nicholas, they gradually expanded and started to market their own wines locally.

Thus the family trade mark JONKHEER was established. Twice did Nicholas Jonkheer buy adjacent farms, in 1957 and 1970.

At present both Nicholas' sons, Andries and Dirk, are actively involved in Jonkheer. With modern viticultural practices and a well equipped cellar, Jonkheer is committed to producing top quality wines.

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